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Each piece of work illustrates my inner reality, relationship with God and the ability to align it with my existence in this so called outer "common world".

It is not an alternative reality as it’s a real phenomenon…a real experience. Thus, I can call it more of a dual reality to be conscience. 


A dual reality where I tend to see the world in different varying colors, shapes and perspectives that truly do seem much more hyper realistic (to me) than the shared reality we all have agree upon.


How can I describe a color that has never been seen before? Or a feeling that has never been coined?  I find myself in this other world just as what other thousands of people have said before; the feeling of wanting to explode in to million pieces and become apart of it.


The only way I was every able to showcase or even try to reveal this other world was through the “Kitsch” phenomena. Those vibrant mix of colors, patterns and different shapes put together in a fearless way is in my perspective, the evidence of innocence, purity and the action of overcoming fear in order to achieve true form of selfless love. I argue that in todays world, nothing is more expressive and authentic as those so called kitsch designs.

This project is coined “Jannaty” as a reference to the fact that such dual reality exist within me due to being highly connected to the soul and being able to see the world through what I believe is a more “truthful” form of reality. It has given me access to see a part of my future Jannah.

Some may call it a survival state or a form of escape. I call it a form of enlightenment and mercy from God. 


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